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Our office

The Clear Vision Ophthalmology Center welcomes you in a modern, calm and bright environment with the latest technology.

Taken care of by a dynamic team, you are assured of receiving a global diagnosis and ophthalmological care performed by specialists.

Clear Vision’s values are quality of care, professionalism, dynamism and modernity, which enable us to offer a high level of medical and surgical care for all eye problems, whether simple or complex.

Our specialists

The Clear Vision practice has doctors who are experts in ophthalmology and have one or more specialities that make them perfectly complementary in order to treat all types of ocular pathologies.


Dr. Zsolt Varga

Dr. Zsolt Varga is a former assistant physician at the University Hospitals of Geneva and obtained his medical degree from the University of Cambridge. He completed his specialisation in ophthalmology and his advanced training in ophthalmic surgery in England, which enabled him to obtain the title of Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmology (FRCOphth). 

He obtained his doctorate in medicine and his FMH specialist title in ophthalmology and ophthalmosurgery at the University of Geneva. His surgical activity is focused on anterior segment surgery and more specifically all advanced techniques of corneal transplantation, as well as cataract and refractive surgery.

Dr. Varga, who also devotes part of his time to teaching junior doctors, is currently an associate doctor at the HUG as a cornea and cataract specialist and publishes numerous scientific articles. He is affiliated with the Clinique Générale Beaulieu, the Clinique La Colline, and Vision Clinique for his surgical interventions.

Dr Zsolt Varga is a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmology and the SSO.

Languages spoken : French – English – Hungarian


Dr. Derek Hulliger

Graduated from the University of Medicine in Geneva, Dr. Hulliger completed his ophthalmology training at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) as well as at the Neuchâtel Center of Ophthalmology (CNO), where he held a position as an associate physician.

He also obtained his diploma in ophthalmic surgery and primarily performs cataract surgeries.

He has a particular interest in medical pathologies affecting the retina, such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, and vascular occlusions. In this context, he performs intravitreal injections.

He is a member of the French Society of Ophthalmology as well as the European Society of Retina.

He joined our center in November 2023.

Languages spoken: French – English


Dr. Alessandra Sansonetti

After graduating from the Medical School of the University of Geneva in 1985, where she obtained her Doctorate, Dr Alessandra Sansonetti did postgraduate training in neurosurgery (Prof A Werner) and in ophthalmology (Prof A Roth) at he Geneva University Hospital (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève – HUG) as well as at the University Hospital of Zurich (prof B Gloor, Universitätspital Zürich USZ). She obtained the Specialization degree in Ophthalmology of the Swiss Medical Board (FMH) in 1991.

In 1990 she attended a 9 months training at the Clinic for Strabismus and Neuro-ophthalmology of the University Hospital of Giessen, Germany (Prof H Kaufmann, Augenklinik für Schielbehandlung und Neuroophtalmologie, Universitätsspitsal Giessen). In 2009 she did a postgraduate training at the Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris where she graduated with Diplôme Inter-Universitaire (DIU) in neuro-ophtalmology.

Dr Sansonetti carried out her clinical activity at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the HUG from 1986 through 1997 where she became Chief Medical Officer (Chef de Clinique) in 1990 and developed, on top of her general practice in ophthalmology, her strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology practice.

Since 1997, she has been in private practice where she continues her surgical activity and developed her practice in medical pediatric ophthalmology. Since 2011, she applies, in the surgery of the strabismus, the so-called MISS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) method which was developed by Prof D Mojon (St-Gallen and Zurich).

In 2017, Dr Sansonetti was appointed at the Board of the Swiss Ophthalmology Society (SOG-SSO) and became Chairwoman in 2021.

Spoken languages : French, English, German, Italian, some knowledge of Spanish


Dr. Claude Schwarz

Dr. Claude Schwarz studied medicine at the University of Geneva and did postgraduate training in ophthalmology at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG). He then furthered his training in oculoplastic surgery (surgery of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal tract) and cataract surgery in England, in several renowned centres.

With a certificate in tropical medicine and international health, Dr Schwarz spent five years in Morocco doing humanitarian work in ophthalmology. 

He is currently medical director of the Centre Ophtalmologique du Jura in Delémont and Porrentruy in the Jura. He is a consultant at the Clear Vision Centre in Geneva and works part-time as a referral oculoplastician.

Dr Schwarz is a member of the French Ophthalmological Society, the Royal College of Ophthalmology and the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society in England as well as the Swiss Ophthalmological Society. He is also President of the Medical Society of the Canton of Jura.

Languages spoken: French – English


Dr. Christopher Van Issum

Dr. Van Issum graduated from the University of Geneva in 2005 and trained at the University Hospitals of Geneva where he worked as Chief of Neuro-Ophthalmology. He then specialised in eyelid, lacrimal and orbital surgery by completing fellowships at the University Hospitals of Auckland and Bristol.

Today he is based at Vision Rive Droite in Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, and is also a consultant at the Clear Vision Centre in Geneva where he works part-time.

In addition to ophthalmology, Dr. Van Issum is also a speaker in the national ice hockey league for the Geneva-Servette Hockey Club and has a passion for surfing, cycling and aviation.

Languages spoken: French – English – German

Our team

Located in the centre of Geneva-Champel, the Clear Vision team is made up of 5 doctors and 5 medical assistants who listen to their patients. These experts work in a brand new practice offering a warm and welcoming multidisciplinary space. All the care and equipment is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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Clara Duval

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Martin Denis

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Frederic Dupont

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